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To everyone who supported my project, and to those who still do,
and to those who will... , the amazing software company in Zollikofen Switzerland that is developing my app as a project to help, to try, I owe you so much. Without them there would be no clean ocean.


my teachers at isberne

family and friends who believe in me , for great ideas and getting things moving

all the people who emailed and commented on the 20 minute newspaper report, those who gave great feedback and encouragement, those who did not then I hope we can motivate you to join us at some stage and become more positive about how you CAN do something...

joel sartore, photographer at national geographic, who inspires me to save the animals of this world 

all those great humans who will kindly donate to my chuffed fundraising as soon as it gets going in october 2017 so we can get people out on beaches helping our planet 

from Aidan

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